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DApp Development: How To Build A Decentralized Blockchain App

decentralized application development

Over the past time, blockchain has been blowing our minds. Being a technology in general, it has found its direct application in DApps or decentralized applications. DApps are here to match users with service providers without any middlemen due to the distributed ledger technology. And this can be implemented in literally any industry.

Currently, we are watching the growing demand in the blockchain developers who can build a decentralized blockchain app. In most cases, businesses are choosing to outsource the DApp development because of the specific knowledge required for this purpose. And it’s quite a challenge to find a trusted team of coders with a portfolio of successful and operational DApps.

DApp Development

Before we come to the DApp development, let’s speak about the core of DApps, their features, and advantages.

What is a decentralized application?

Decentralized apps are one of the ways to put computing, data storing and operation into a distributed space. Thereby, without there is no need for powerful computers or storing capabilities concentrated in one place. There’s a higher reliability that would enable the application to run successfully even if a big part of any computing power or storing space is offline.

The blockchain is mostly chosen to host the DApp. Its distributed nature perfectly matches with the needs of such applications and offers computing, transacting and data storage in a trust-less space that couldn’t be tampered thanks to its unique distributed ledger mechanism.

Blockchain DApp development offers all required functions capable of building, testing, auditing, and running an application on it. The DApps are open source projects, and they are incentivized, meaning that there is a reward system for the network participants — nodes.

build a decentralized blockchain app

Why Do You Need To Create A Decentralized Application?

Decentralized applications offer lots of perks that may be essential to any application. Of course, there is no need to build a decentralized calculator, Tetris game or any other kind from 90% of apps you would think of in the first place, but there are some things offered by blockchain, that can’t be beaten.

First of all, of course, is the immutability. Whereas almost any server storage can be hacked and the data on it can be erased or changed, with blockchain any changes to already stored data are impossible. This drastically improves the security of the data that is being processed by an app, and this improvement is offered to every dApp development company out of the box.

Then there is the speed. In the majority of client-server applications, all data is sent to the server to be processed, and it may require some time to get, compute and output the required data. With DApps, several computers may hop on the task simultaneously, process giant amounts of data, compare their independent results, make consensus and output the processed data in a matter of seconds. All of this without any powerful server at all!

Of course, there’s increased stability of the service, as you can’t simply hack, DDoS or overload the servers (as there aren’t any!); there’s economy on resources, no electricity bills, no costly server and data storage maintenance, no cooling, no nothing; and there’s privacy, as everything in the blockchain is absolutely anonymous and encrypted, and your data can’t be a subject to any kind of censorship at all.

How To Build A Decentralized Blockchain App

Each DApp development company or blockchain developer has its flow of creating applications. However, we can outline some common and essential stages, such as follows.

  • Defining the problem and setting the goals

In the beginning, it is important to find out how the DApp is going to solve a particular problem and if you need blockchain technology for that.

  • Designing the architecture

Here you should choose where your dApp will be placed: in-house, in the cloud, or in a hybrid way. We recommend the cloud framework. Next, you need to choose from various solutions in terms of the access: private blockchain, the public blockchain, hybrid blockchains, permissionless solution, etc.

  • Choosing the consensus mechanism

Like in any decentralized system, coders need to choose how the network members authenticate a transaction, for example, via proof of work, proof of stake, Byzantine fault tolerant, etc.

  • Selecting the platform

Depending on the stability needs, scale, solution, and budget, you need to choose a blockchain platform to build your dApp. In most cases, developers use open source solutions such as Ethereum or Hyperledger, to accelerate the development and save costs, as building your own blockchain from scratch can be too long and expensive.

  • Coding the DApp

This step is quite straightforward but requires special knowledge of the smart contracts and you have to keep in mind that all the blockchain transactions cost money.

  • Designing UI and admin console

No matter how great your backend is, a user will be able to evaluate the dApp by its intuitive UI and functionality. And that is why you need experienced front-enders, designers, and maybe even product marketers to nail it.

  • Testing and deploying the DApp

Remember that immutability is one of the blockchain’s key features. Thus, before deploying the dApp, make sure that is has passed a considerable testing mode. We also recommend choosing the MVP model for your dApp development. Here’s how you can create an operational solution that can be used to improve performance, identify latency, etc.

When all the critical issues are solved, you can scale the app and even integrate it with other technologies, such as AI, Big Data, IoT, etc.

Our Experience, Pitfalls, Tricks, And Tips In DApp Development

Inn4science team of 40+ blockchain developers has been providing decentralized application development services for quite a while, which means that most of the pitfalls are in the past. Now, we have our tips and tricks on how to build a dApp that stands out.

Recently, we have developed a decentralized exchange for one of our clients. In this case, the most responsible and controversial issue was to choose the blockchain framework that could ensure the required transaction speed with ready-to-use libraries for crypto exchanges. We have studied over 5 platforms, including Hyperledger, Graphene, and Exonum, before making a choice. After thinking over all pros and cons, we’ve decided to build the exchange on EOS.

In our dApp development company, we pay an exceptional attention to the product’s testing and split it into several iterations, such as unit tests and module’s automated test. A qualitative approach to testing allows not only to identify the issues but also determine weaknesses in the business model and technical documentation.

Finally, we are standing for the healthy and responsible planning. Thus, we always consider risky timeframe needed for unpredictable situations on the project, and this ensures a thorough meeting of all deadlines. You cannot argue that timely delivery is more than crucial in the rapidly developing blockchain industry, right?


Decentralized applications offer lots of improvement if compared to their centralized counterparts. Unparalleled security and stability, banking-grade consensus mechanisms, anonymity, and other blockchain-derived things may not be reached by outdated technologies centralized approach could offer.

With all this being offered now, just imagine how much more functions building blockchain DApps will provide in the nearest future! Now is the best moment to hop on and start the development of decentralized apps, as later it will be harder to transform old and obsolete client-server applications to decentralized ones.

Now, how to build a DApp? Our advice: leave it to professionals. A team of Inn4science dApp developers are always looking forward to helping companies transform their businesses and create outstanding solutions by adopting the blockchain technology. So, if you are searching for a trusted blockchain development company to make a DApp, check out our portfolio and feel free to contact us today.



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