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Need to hire Go/Golang developers? In our article, you will find some tips and tricks of hiring a Golang developer for your company. We purposely have interviewed our leading Gopher Artem Zhmaka so to get information from the first hands. So today with Artem we will find:

  • Where to find Golang developer?
  • What is the difference between junior and senior developer?
  • What is the average hourly rate of the Go developer?
  • How to avoid pitfalls during job interview?
  • And more…

Key points of what is Golang

Interviewer: Artem, thanks for your time. Would you mind tell us first about Golang language in general, before we move to the question of how to hire a golang developer?

Artem: Sure. So basically, we can say Go is an open source programming language developed by Google. And this language is based on the syntax of the C programming language, therefore making them much alike. However, I would insist it has some significant differences like having the memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing and, of course, CSP-style concurrency. (CSP refers to the communicating sequential processes). The Go language was released in 2012 and afterwards became quite a trendy programming language, due to its development usability and scalability. Except Google, as sure they use Golang, they have developed it, I can also name Uber, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Those are market giants, who already use Go in their apps.

Interviewer: Wow, impressive. It really hits the stars now. Was this the reason you chose to learn Golang? Or how did you come to an idea of becoming Gopher?

Artem: Why? Well, I have been interested in the software development since school. And when I just entered university, I already knew Java. I was sure it was one-love story. But ended up with the decision to try something new. And my choice was Golang, as it was completely different language. As compared to Java, Go has absolutely another competitive model and object model. From development side Golang is much easier than other languages. When, even at the stage where you simply learn the basics, Go gives the feeling that you can create something incredible right now! However, later you will understand that you don’t know Golang at all. Yet, app development with Go hardly can be called difficult, as the language is very intuitive.

Where and Who Use Golang?

Interviewer: For those, who still haven’t decided, if Go is a good choice for developing their product or do they actually need to hire golang developers. Artem what types of applications or services are the best to be done with Golang?

Artem: Listen, Golang can be used to develop almost anything. It is a great language, both for creating something new for a startup project, or for re-developing an existing project in order to scale it. You see, lately, from backend perspective the microservice approach has really got some hype. So when you have many services running concurrently, it sometimes brings a lot of headache making them work smoothly. But Go solves that, as it’s a compiled language. After compilation Go creates only one executable file output. I suppose, this can be one of the key advantages to hire go developer. SoFrom my perspective, there is no need to come up with any difficult solutions for making thing work, what I need is simply run one file. Well, but if you want me to highlight name somethinga particular project to hire go developer. I would say Golang is best choice for developing distributed systems, highload projects, microservices, command line applications, and servers.

Skills That Your Future Golang Developers Need

Interviewer: Not bad, it is always good to have one solution for numerous challenges. So, Artem would you mind tell us a secret, where are all the Golang developers? How to hire go developer? What method will be the most effective? Job search website, Facebook, LinkedIn or maybe Freelance platform.

Artem: Hm, I guess this may differ from person to person. As when some of developers prefer to have their accounts on freelance platforms like Upwork, Toptal, whatever…

Others would still prefer having personal contact. I mean when recruiter writes through the personal page, I would be more open for negotiations.

However, If I were looking for a developer, I still would prefer to hire one as an outstaff from a development company.

There are several reasons for that:

  • Usually developers who are already hired by a company are more organized, they have experience of working with different task boards and crm systems.
  • The price of the developer will be based not on his appetite, but will be considered by the top management, according to the experience and the level of the developer. So it even may be cheaper in the end than to hire a freelancer.
  • If you will need to make any adjustments to the system, the developer won’t disappear with leaving you all alone with bugs and shrugs. 
  • By bidding the contract with the company, you will always have warranty that the job will be delivered in the specific time frame, actually that it will be delivered anyway. 
  • If eventually due to unforeseen events you will face any problems with the developer, the Company will be obliged to arrange another developer for the project. So you won’t lose time in finding another person and at the same time a new developer won’t have any difficulties in continuing the code written by his teammate.

Interviewer: You are absolutely right, in any obstacles, the company has the name. Golang developer seems to me a very generic term. Let’s see a little deeper. Artem, what is the difference between junior, middle and senior Golang developer?

Artem: The junior developer is someone who is aware of the language, who can navigate through the basics, knows how built functions. All the most basic hot spots and bottlenecks. The middle developer is a person who already can take some responsibilities. The middle can handle the projecting of microservices, can draft the architecture as well as choosing the direction for the project. Such a developer can conveniently structure his position with understanding the risks of such decision.

Conversely, the senior developer is a person, who is not that much differs from a middle in knowledge. However, senior developer is a person who can lead the project from A to Z. In case the developer is unaware of some technology, he has the experience and knowledge to find the solution fast and fulfill the task.

The time-management is also a crucial fact, when it goes about developing. It is very important to know your limits and estimate deployment correctly. Though this comes only with experience. So don’t expect fast solutions and deployment from junior developer.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Golang/Go Developers?

Interviewer: Ok, let’s move to the most Interesting question. What is the average costrate of Golang developer, globally? How much will it cost to hire a golang developer? It will be good if you can tell me both basic salaries and hourly rates.

Artem: The gap between minimum and maximum is kinda huge. The hourly rate may start from just 10 bucks if we talk about Indian freelance developer and reach up to 90 if taking U.S into account. And the salary starts from 15k and can be more than 100k US dollars. 

Hint from Inn4Science team

“You can check a very interesting article about salaries of Golang developers in different countries here:”

Hint from Inn4Science team

“You can check a very interesting article about salaries of Golang developers in different countries here:”

Interviewer: An incredible difference. So did I understand you right, the cheapest Go developers for hiring are from India?

Artem: Yes, they are. However, I would not recommend using an Indian freelancer if you don’t want to waste your money and time. And to receive software, which you would need to develop from the very beginning. 

Interviewer: So where do you advise to look for the developer? Which country is the most appropriate for hiring a Go developer?

Artem: By the price? Definitely Ukraine. An indisputable fact, we have the lowest rate in Europe, almost like India. Yet, our guys create much accurate and nice code. And you know why? That is because IT area and, respectively, Golang development are becoming extremely strong here in Ukraine. Like for example, there are several technical universities, that even were included in TOP-1000 universities globally.

How to avoid pitfalls during job interview?

Interviewer: Seems fair to me. What about finishing our today’s topic with some hints and tips to our readers? Artem if you were hiring a Golang developer, which task would you give for a test? And what else you can advice for someone looking for the development with Go?

Artem: Expertly, if it would be me, I would definitely start from tech part, like how good a person is aware of basic functions and methods in Go. And the best for testing will be a request to develop something very close to your production. 

This could be:

  • Interaction with the database
  • Building a separate microservice
  • Create some unit tests
  • Some external integrations with API
  • Something with using Rest architecture style


Anyway, I would advise preparing meticulously for the job interview and drawing attention not only on the tech skills but, ideally, on personal attitude. Because if a person has some weak parts in technical skills during the working process, he promptly will learn and cover them. But the habits of attitude are unchangeable. 

We thank Artem for his time. Hope you found our interview useful. If you have left with questions about Golang developers: how to hire a Go developer, what is the price of the Golang development, if my project can be implemented with Go or if you simply need consultation from a development company. Please fill in the contact form below. Inn4Science is ready to help and provide all the appropriate information.



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