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How To Hire Blockchain Developer: Our Advice And Recommendations

how to hire blockchain developer

There are many startups and enterprises willing to hire blockchain developer who is able to build a dApp on top of Ethereum, a crypto-to-fiat exchanger, or a smart contract for their ICO. No wonder, as there is literally no industry that hasn’t been disrupted by this cutting-edge technology, and it seems like the presence of the distributed ledger adds extra value to each project.

The world is going blockchain. Its market size is predicted to reach $16 billion by 2024, as per recent report conducted by Global Market Insights, Inc. IBM, FedEx, British Airways, Microsoft, Nestle, Walmart — these are only a few large companies adopting the blockchain. The problem is, no blockchain development is possible without real experts in this technology, and such demand doesn’t often coincide with supply.
The question is: how to find blockchain developers? In this article, we will give you tips and our recommendations on choosing well-established developers specialized in the blockchain technology so that you avoid the most common pitfalls.

What You Need To Know Before You Start Looking For Blockchain Developer

Before you make your first steps towards searching developers for your blockchain project, you need to determine what kind of cooperation is most suitable for you: onboarding or outsourcing.

While many startups and enterprises are eager to hire in-house blockchain developers because of the low cost, it might be not a good idea, mostly for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s a time-consuming process. You or your HR department will spend weeks and months trying to find the right candidates, evaluate their expertise, and create an attractive offer for them.
  2. It’s not that cost-efficient as it may seem. If you calculate all the extra expenditures such as workplaces, HR management, and taxes, you will see that it would be better to spend this budget on the blockchain development itself.
  3. Your programmer is your responsibility. Hiring developers directly means that you will need to control their work and ensure the smooth development process.
  4. Considering the above-mentioned, outsourcing is a better alternative. Moreover, many projects do not need blockchain developers on a constant basis. So why spend time and money on in-house coders if you only need a smart contract or an MVP for your ICO?

    Determining The Objectives Of Your Project And The Desired End Result

    Another thing you need to consider before starting any search of the blockchain developers is your main objective. You need to outline your requirements and the end product you want to receive: a blockchain wallet, a mining software, an exchange app, a blockchain banking solution, you name it.

    The more clear your requirements are, the more your expectations will be met. Moreover, it allows understanding whether you need a one-time development or a life-long support of your blockchain project.

    An Individual Developer or a Team?

    blockchain development company

    Depending on the scope of your project, you might want to hire blockchain developer or outsource the development to a dedicated team. However, the latter is more recommended as the outsourcing company will have optimized processes, a framework, and a project manager who will ensure completion of the project according to the requirements and on-time delivery.

    Skill Set of a Perfect Blockchain Developer

    First and foremost, just like any other coder, a blockchain developer needs to have a strong understanding of the programming basics, namely, the concept of such languages as C, C++, Node JS, Java, Javascript, and such concepts as OOPS, multithreading, and socket programming. The knowledge of GO and RUST languages is something you should pay a special attention to.

    Secondly, you need to find a blockchain developer who has a solid background in the projects related to encryption and security, as these are necessary companions of any blockchain network. Your coder needs to understand the principles of encryption and decryption, what is a SHA algorithm, and the difference between private and public keys.

    Finally, a developer for your blockchain project needs to be an expert in the blockchain technology. A programmer must clearly understand how Distributed Ledger Technology works, why blockchain is immutable, what is a consensus mechanism, how to build dApps, how to create a smart contract using Ethereum, Hyperledger, or EOS.IO, etc.

    As you can see, a blockchain developer needs to have quite a broad expertise, significant experience, and an extensive portfolio that includes operating blockchain products. And that is why you cannot just hire an ordinary Java developer and expect him to build a blockchain-based supply chain solution. You need a blockchain expert.

    Time Management And Reporting

    Blockchain is the industry where everything has to be made fast, including development. Otherwise, there is a high chance that the competitors will do it faster and present their product earlier than you do. Therefore, you need blockchain developer or a team that would meet the deadlines and deliver the tasks in a timely manner according to the agreed roadmap.

    When it comes to outsourcing blockchain development, it is highly important that the advanced reporting takes place. Such an obvious but highly necessary thing is mutually beneficial to both parties, as the client is able to control the development process, and developers, in their turn, can track their progress and save time on replying to additional questions.

    What is the Blockchain Development Cost?

    Blockchain development was on the second place of the top 20 fastest-growing skills in Q3 2017, according to the Upwork report. The Burning Glass Technologies have reported a 115% growth in blockchain job postings:

    If you want to hire Bitcoin developers, you need to stand the fact that is costs a lot. For example, an average salary of a blockchain senior software engineer in the US is over $117,000.

    But, if we speak about outsourcing blockchain development, the costs can vastly vary, depending on the team’s experience and geographical location. Of course, you can hire one of the multiple development companies in India to cut your costs. Yet, you cannot stay sure about the quality of your end product and may experience difficulties because of the differences in culture and time zones.

    Over the past time, Ukraine has been called a blockchain development haven because of the real experts in the blockchain technology and reasonable costs. Moreover, Ukrainian developers have strong English skills and a European mindset, which is a great set for understanding between the development team and the client.

    Our Project And Experience

    blockchain developer skill set

    Having dedicated blockchain experts on board, Inn4science has a strong focus particularly on the blockchain development. While many IT outsourcing companies only want to hire bitcoin developers to augment their team, we’ve been out there for quite a time working on the distributed solutions that improve the way of doing business.

    Our services include but are not limited to dApp development, smart contract development, cryptocurrency and token development, Ethereum and Hyperledger development, creation of private and public blockchain, etc.

    The blockchain expertise behind Inn4science can be clearly seen through the successfully completed projects in our portfolio. Thus, we have developed Nanopool software that arranges miners in pools, VIPcoin, a new generation cryptocurrency that is 100% backed by gold, a digital currency exchange Peer2Cash built on top of open sources and open protocols, and more.

    Let’s Work Together

    If you want to find blockchain developers and bring your idea to life, then we can help you. Our blockchain development portfolio speaks for itself, and we are willing to enhance it with your project. At Inn4science, we believe that the blockchain solutions can significantly optimize the business processes, and we know how to build them from scratch. Contact us today and we will get back with an offer that will meet your tech and financial expectations.



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