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Crypto Exchange (NDA Protected)

A simple way of futures trading with Bitcoin

The project was completed under strict NDA, so no names shall be invoked inside this case. Therefore, we will simply call it the Crypto Exchange.


We have created a Bitcoin-based Futures Trading Web application. The platform is not solely involved in futures trading (i.e. BTC-USD, E-mini S&P 500, Oil, Gold, etc.) But is planned to have fiat-crypto exchange transactions. Our team has created a stunning cutting-edge crypto exchange. It gives a simple but fast way of trading, provides numerous tools for analytics, prediction and successful deals.


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About progect

The challenge

We had a requirement to create a high-load, blockchain-based platform from a scratch. In addition, as the project was involved in cash operations, we needed to pay extra attention to security.

One of the most important goals our team had, to ensure the project cannot be involved in money laundering and clients’ funds are safe from hackers. Moreover, we had to foresee maximum flexibility for the system, because the client had intentions to connect some of the third-party services.

Key requirements to the system:

  • Trading app (MVP limited to Web only)
  • BTC wallet integration
  • REST/Socket API
  • API Documentation
  • Deposit system
  • Integration with 1 Merchant
  • Integration with 1 Broker API
  • Integration with Google Auth
  • Integration with TradingView
  • Charts
  • Integration with the KYC service (MVP stage)
About process

What we did

We have created a full-fledged system divided into two sections: admin area and user area.

Admin has thorough information about the system, its users, transactions, and other related components. The admin area provides instruments for the in-depth analysis, by providing detailed information about transactions and hot wallets.

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NOTE: hot wallets are wallets that are provided for users to execute an exchange. Hot wallets hold only funds needed for the transactions. The principal amount of the funds are stored on cold wallets, they are placed at the individual directory, separately from other components.


At the same time, the user area has a responsive pc/mobile view with a user-friendly native interface. The exchange is very easy to be used, even by beginners.


The result

We have implemented a market-worth MVP version of the Crypto exchange in just 10 weeks. The system is fully ready for high loading by numerous clients. The platform can be easily used both by beginners and by professional traders.

Moreover, it offers quite unique Bitcoin-based Futures Trading. Right now you can find such functionality only on big exchanges like / / However, they mostly are complicated for beginners and have quite highly overrated fees. Therefore, we have created a profitable but easy-to-use system.

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Future Plans

This is an ongoing project. After implementing the MVP we have agreed on scaling the platform into the full-fledged product. Considering the features planned. The following points are worth mentioning:


Broker API

More integrations to new sources with the assets data.


Personal in-built KYC

While MVP is limited to integrated third-party service, the full scope product will have own KYC module developed by Inn4Science.


Mobile Apps

Including both iOS and Android development. Android app will be done with Kotlin, iOS with Swift accordingly.



Additional integrations with various Merchants.