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The expert platform for the purchase/sale of agricultural products.

Grainex is the world's first secure grain trading exchange that uses cutting-edge Blockchain technology to provide speed, transparency and security for the purchase/sale activity.

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About progect

About Grainex

The agricultural products are a classical tool within the exchange market. And is notable for its liquidity. However, this market initially has several issues. First of all, usually, it’s quite challenging to find the proper producer, distributor. You can’t guarantee the quality of the goods, nor can you guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations.

That is why the Grainex exchange was created. Grainex is a unique and exceptional product. Most of the exchanges are based on precious metals/finances/futures, etc. Therefore, making Grainex one-of-a-kind in the market. As it helps to conduct quality control, to hold a transparent pricing mechanism and create a modern agricultural market with the power of Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

About progect

The challenge

Our Inn4Science team needed to create a system that can serve as a secure platform for agribusiness representatives. The Grainex should not only exclude third-parties from purchase/sale deals but also help in finding the appropriate producer/distributor.

Moreover, as initially Grainex exchange is based on cooperation with Ukrainian agriculture representative we also needed to take into account the Ukrainian law.

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Key requirements to the system:

  • Anti-fraud system
  • Data security
  • Transparent pricing mechanism
  • Transactions monitoring
  • Smart-Contracts Creation
  • Orders search system
  • Matching engine
  • Risk management
  • Trust management
  • Individual tracking
  • Traceability of quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Shall include the following data/participants:
  • farming
  • agriculture
  • traders
  • brokers
  • agricultural companies and enterprises
  • logistics and stevedoring companies
  • agricultural ministries and institutions
  • grain processing companies
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About progect

What we did

We managed to create a secure and legal system that facilitates the processes of buying/selling in the agricultural market. The system is not fully secure from hacking, fraud and mischievous schemes but also complies with the most needed regulations like KYC/AML.

As the system has Blockchain transactions and all orders dealt within the system are recorded via Smart-Contracts, we can claim that all the data will be undeniable, irreplaceable and irreversible. Therefore, ensuring the fulfillment of the obligations and transparent cash/goods flow.


The Result

We have implemented all the key requirements in 3 different systems: Web app, Android app and iOS app. Our team not only fulfilled all the client’s requirements but managed to outcome them with the help of the market’s deep business analysis.

Inn4Science has developed a high-grade tool that unites producers and customers, ensures the security of their deals and monitors the transparency of contracts. To guarantee the payback of the project we have foreseen the monetization instruments.

The exchange has a user-friendly interface. It can be easily used by companies that had digitized their processes long ago, and those who have only started to integrate digital technologies into their business.

Grainex can be monetized via:

  • Factoring
  • Token issuance
  • Targeting ads placement
  • Transactions fee
  • Percentage from smart-contract deal
  • Paid promotion of orders
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