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Your financial bridge between countries

Inn4Pay is a legal and simple way of sending funds between countries. One unique service that combines security, usability, and speed. It supports several payment integrations, therefore providing a wide variety of payment options and currencies.

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In simple words, Inn4Pay is an international payment system with internal transactions between accounts. Because of the broad variety of integrations, the platform allows depositing with the most used currencies like USD or EUR. Due to embedded Blockchain users may also use popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The interesting fact, due to its multifunctioning, it not only allows a simple transfer of funds but supports an integration with various solutions, for example, e-commerce.


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Key points

The challenge

Our team has faced 2 key challenges while creating this product. The first, it’s payment integrations. And the second, it’s security.

While the first one was crucial for usability the second was the most important aspect. We needed to confirm our system is safe from hacking and the funds of the clients could not be stolen.


Moreover, one of our tasks was creating an internal KYC module that meets the requirements of KYC/AML regulations. Therefore, to summarize we needed to create a legal, user-friendly tool that meets the needs of different client groups.


Key requirements to the system

  • Integration with payment systems
  • Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard)
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex.Money
  • Blockchain (Ethereum, Bitcoin
  • Deposit accounts
  • Internal currency
  • Withdrawals
  • KYC
  • Multi-factor security
  • Anti-fraud security
  • API module
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What we did

What we did

We have conducted a thorough business analysis of:

  • — Payment gateways
  • — API integrations
  • — Asian, Europe market
  • — KYC/AML regulations
  • — MSO Hong Kong and EMI licenses
  • — Various payment platforms
  • — Geographical risks
  • — Transaction risks
  • — Client risks
  • — Delivery Channel Business risks

To create such a substantive project we needed not only to choose the easiest scalable technologies, but also an appropriate and dedicated team. And in the end to choose the vision and specify the distinctions of the project among others.

So we decided to overcome the key inefficiencies of the international banking systems. We focused on developing a tool that is affordable for small businesses. That allows small businesses and individuals to convert currencies and make payments. We were creating cheap and at the same time fast tool for small international payments, the tool that is accessible for e-residents.


The Technologies

We used the most progressive technologies and programming languages to ensure secure data storing, high speed of system performance, best project support after the active development stage.

  • — Core Language: Golang
  • — Framework for the Blockchain: Tendermint
  • — Smart Contracts: Solidity
  • — DB: PostgreSQL
  • — API: gRPC
  • — EventBus: RabbitMQ

Mobile development:

  • — Android: Kotlin
  • — iOS: Swift
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The Result

As a result, we managed to create a service that allows quick transfers of funds between individuals and legal entities with the protection of security and without any fluctuations in the exchange rates.

Inn4Pay manages to provide the possibility of instant transfers between users’ accounts within the system via internal currency. And the internal currency is accrued via deposits in other currencies.

To summarize, the key advantages of the system are:

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    Instant transfers within the system

    The internal currency helps to create immediate transfers between users’ accounts in just a few clicks.

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    No face to face verification

    The system doesn’t require any personal meetings, by having a fully articulated KYC module.

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    Full compliance with KYC/AML requirements.