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Resource planning tool

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Plan today to earn tomorrow

Resource planning is one of the important points for a successful business. We received an interesting and challenging task of creating a fully customizable CRM system.


The platform is designed to fulfill the needs of the business, notwithstanding its size. Both small and large businesses will find useful features that will help manage their business more effectively.


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About progect

Multifunctional tool

The key advantage of this system is the vast flexibility in customization. The system is highly adaptive to any assignments due to API integrations, multitasking, overload resistance and more. You can maintain all the processes and record tasks in the way, you never did before. In short, this tool will help you to successfully manage the team and task in a simple and user-friendly manner

About progect

The challenge

The greatest challenge was in fitting all the features the client requested into one interface. At the early development stage, the system was simply bursting from all the functionality we were implementing. Various tools were confronting and interfering with each other.

However, concurrency of Go language helped to build the entire system as different modules that work in parallel and simultaneously. Another task was not to overload a user with a cluttered interface. Therefore, our UI/UX Designers have drafted a simple, but stylish interface.

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Key requirements to the system:

  • Integration with external services (Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Slack, Telegram)
  • Time tracking
  • Vacation \ Leave Management
  • Task report (planned vs. time actually spent)
  • Data Export (PDF, CSV, XLS)
  • Project/Service sharing
  • Prioritization of projects and automatic reassignment based on priorities
  • Employees’ performance review history with feedback recording
  • Ability to assign projects with their own color for easy viewing of information on the teams’ workload, projects’ status, tasks’ priority. Assigning project colors to team members currently working on the project for easy control of resources
  • Drafting of a development plan for individual employees and setting a date for the performance review
  • Filtering of projects and tasks by status, team and reverse filtering of a team by projects, tasks, job in progress
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About process

What we did

We have carefully considered all the risks related to the tasks and application scope. Our Analysts department has conducted a thorough investigation of the market. For comparing we took the most popular CRM systems like Bitrix24, Trello, Pipedrive, Zoho and more. As a result, our team has decided to create a module system. Meaning that the system is created of blocks that can either work separately or concurrently with others.

Such an approach gives an opportunity to scale the project without putting much effort and resources. Moreover, as the application is created with Go it also can be easily maintained, supported and upgraded.

We also have created the entire UI/UX design of the platform. Though it may look simple its simplicity helps users to easily understand the workflow. The design overall is focused on convenience and comprehensibility both for users who just learning CRM systems and who have already used another platform.

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The Result

To summarize this project let’s mention the most important features and aspects of this resource planning tool.

  • API integration
  • Simple but user-friendly interface
  • Data export
  • Detailed statistic of tasks
  • Project sharing
  • Automated assignment of tasks
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Usability

The tool has been implemented entirely under the client’s requirements. The final version of the product completely met the expectations and even overcame them.

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