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We provide consulting services, project estimation, design, prototyping/MVP and development for startup, fintech, financial and blockchain projects at the highest proficient level.
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We create solutions, so you can make the most by keeping the perfect track and proper management of your wealth.


Our solutions

  • Financial Advice Management Financial Advice Management

    All-inclusive planning and advising for investments and financial management.

  • Billing Billing

    Organize and access your invoice information, files, etc. online.

  • Trading Trading

    Buy and hold cryptocurrencies, assets, and other financial resources.

  • Portfolio accounting and management Portfolio accounting and management

    Meet short and long-term objectives to gain maximum profit.

  • Reporting systems Reporting systems

    Helps to collect and organize data about costs, profit, resources, objective and etc.

  • Financial Modeling Financial Modeling

    Makes forecasts of financial achievements in the future.

Our experience

Sure, different software will have different functions.

But as we have built various modules and wealth management software overall we can

define the following list of features:

  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Data generation and analytics
  • References and benchmarks
  • Equity and derivatives
our experience in wealth management apps development
  • Income and Investments
  • Trading, Order Books
  • Mutual fund processing
  • Fiduciary fund management

Among our cases with
above-mentioned functional are:

  • Stock market quantitative analytics Stock market quantitative analytics
  • Portfolio analysis and optimization Portfolio analysis and optimization
  • Realtime algorithmic trading Realtime algorithmic trading
  • Mobile stock trading
applications Mobile stock trading applications
  • Asset Management, realtime insights, and signals Asset Management, realtime insights, and signals
  • Trading Platforms Trading Platforms
  • Integrations with all kinds of financial data providers Integrations with all kinds of financial data

Why building wealth management software

Wealth management systems are not simply useful tools.

A good build product may help you to:

  • Get automated or half-automated advice about investments, portfolios, and more
  • Get assistance with the choice of investment asset, strategy, model, etc
  • Manage own or clients’ portfolios
  • Get direct access to assets, portfolios, billing invoices, and more.
  • Enrich the variety of services integrated within one system
  • Boost your sales
why building wealth management software?
  • Increase the efficiency by automating business processes
  • Reach better engagement with the clients
  • Increase the number of integrations
  • Improve use convenience and user experience
  • Get new clients
  • Meet new standards and regulatory requirements
wealth management

Why Inn4Science?

  • We have experience

    We have experience

    Our team has wide expertise in desiging, developing and delivering top-notch software. Among our projects are payment systems, trading platforms, digital wallets and more.

  • We know regulations

    We know regulations

    We draft project in accordance with latest regulatory acceptance. Therefore paying extra attention to ensure security and safety of your product.

  • We work for you

    We work for you

    We consider wishes and claims of our clients, theredore adapting workflow according to you. We provide flexible cooperation terms. In addition we have previous developments modules that help reduce time spent on development.



John J Dougherty


John J Dougherty

Inn4Science didn't just listen to what we wanted, they actually heard it and delivered. We hired Inn4Science for the development of micro-services on GCP. We needed a professional team who with experience with complex micro-services systems and with knowledge of developing micro-services in GoLang. Efficiency and user-friendliness have both increased thanks to the automation enhancements Inn4Science produced. Their streamlined communication system was highly effective and allowed for easy scheduling.


Charles West


Charles West

The project managers are very competent and not afraid to take the initiative in their work. Inn4Science helped conceptualize, architecture, and fully develop a data collection and storage platform that synchronizes blockchain platforms. They also integrated a custom add-in for more security.


John Lewis


John Lewis

Had a great experience with the whole Inn4Science team! Absolutely company of experts who managed to build the infrastructure for our project, were very attentive to details and answered all our questions. Excellent job.


Contact us Have any questions? Our team will be happy to help. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in hiring a complete team or particular specialists for an outsource project, proof of concept and ideation or estimation.